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Why Us


Many rafting operators in Bali, that maybe it will make you confused to make a choice. therefore we are here to help you to provide the best options to your liking

We have built a comprehensive network with a rafting operators in Bali that we have qualified by the quality and pricing, and as the result we can offer the most spectacular white water rafting in Bali. so you don't need to worry that you will wrong choice of a white water rafting operator to handle your rafting holiday, because we have chosen it for you with the best quality in the class but lower prices.

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1. Easy payment options

After your order is confirmed, you can make payments with few options, including paypal, credit card or by cash when you arrive in Bali.

2. Quality of Rafting Program

Your satisfaction is our first priority. If you are not sure of your choice, please consult first with us, what rafting package as you want, and we will give the best suits your needs

3. Experience and Trusted

We are a local company that since 2008 experience as a travel agent in Bali, including adventure activities, water sports, bali cruises, and accommodation.

4. Quick, Safe and Appropriate

We are a one stop bali white water rafting booking site, feel free to ask your questions and you'll quickly get an answer from our sataff. let us handle your rafting holiday and make it easy and affordable.

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Bali River Rafting
Jl. Tukad Bilok Gg.Vb No.1a Renon
Denpasar - Bali, Indonesia (80226)

Telp: +62361-8352668 /8352667
eMail: res[at]


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Bali River Rafting Office

Jl. Tukad Bilok 5b 1a, Renon Denpasar (80226) Bali

Bali Rafting - Bali River Rafting

Jl. Tukad Bilok Gg.Vb No.1A, Renon, Renon, South Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali 80222, Indonesia

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Bali Rafting Reservation
Phone: 085100352668, 081353046942
E : booking[at]

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About Bali River Rafting

Bali River Rafting is managed and operated by Bali Holidays Management, we are an online tour booking company based in Renon Denpasar Bali.

There are more than 20 rafting operators in Bali, and it is not easy to determine which the rafting operators are good and in accordance with your wishes without knowing the detail on each. We here present to help you realize the best rafting experience with a reasonable price. read more...