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Frequently Asked Questions | Bali River Rafting

Here are some most common guest questions and the answers that might help you. If you cant find the answer for your question, please feel free to contact us. 

1. Do I need to make reservations?
Yes, advance booking is required to make sure everything runs well. Since there are certain preparations, booking 2 days in advance or before is highly recommended.

2. Which river that matches with us?
Many travelers are confused to determine which river is good for themselves, so visit the following comparison page to find out which river is best for you "Ayung rafting vs telaga waja rafting". But if still not sure with your choice, please don't hesitate to contact us.

3. Whether rafting safe for children?
Yes, all rafting site in Bali is safe for childrens from 6 years old.

4. Whether participants should be able to swim
Swimming skills are not required, so this is suitable for everyone from 6 - 65 years old

5. Is Disabled people can join White water rafting?
For security reasons, full disabled condition (both legs) not allowed to join white water rafting. Except if only one legs.

6. Can I pay by credit card at location?
Yes we accept payment by credit card for Ayung river and Melangit river rafting.
But not for Telaga Waja river rafting, So please provide your cash money to make payment, it can be in USD or IDR.

7. What happen  if it rains?
White water rafting will not be affected by rain, and even more fun if it is done when it rains. Unless a heavy rain that potentially harmful for the participants, and if it happens we will cancel and refund your money 100% or you can change it to another day.