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is Bali Safe from Mount Eruption

Is Rafting in Bali safe from Mount Agung Volcano Eruption?

Many issues says that Bali is not safe to visit. But in fact, overall, tourism activities in Bali are still safe and run as usual. From 3 rafting location only 1 affected, that is ...

Ayung vs Telaga Waja Rafting

Ayung Rafting VS Telaga Waja Rafting, Which one is Better?

Here are the differences between Ayung river and Telaga waja river that you should know. So you can decide your own which river is best for your Rafting adventure

About Bali Rafting

Important things you need to know about White Water Rafting Bali

All the things you should know before Go River Rafting in Bali. Find the best river and choose the best Rafting Operator for your rafting adventure in Bali